Account Help


How to Create a WCOnline Account

  • Go to
  • Click on “Register for an account.”
  • Using your NWU email address, enter the required information (name, phone number, major, student ID, etc.)
  • For academic standing, a “traditional undergraduate” is a student who started college straight out of high school and is between the ages of 18-23. An “adult” student is a person who is usually 24 years old or older and typically has to take evening classes due to other obligations.
  • Passwords need to be at least 10 characters long.
  • Please keep all of the email preferences on the default setting (“Yes”).
  • Click on “Complete Registration” when you are done completing all of the fields.

How to Make a Writing Consultation Appointment

  • Go to
  • Select from the available schedules—Fall/Spring, Adult/Grad, eTutoring, and Pop-up Hours—and enter your NWU email address and password.
  • There will be a calendar schedule on the left with consultant names listed for each day/time. Select the white box that pertains to the day/time you would like to schedule an appointment.
  • A new window will pop up with a form to make your appointment. Enter the course, instructor name, the type of assistance you need, the type of assignment you need assistance with, and what you would like to work on (the more specific you can be, the better).
  • If you are scheduling an eTutoring consultation, you must upload your draft to the appointment form at this point. You are eligible for eTutoring if you are a graduate student; or an adult student; or a traditional undergraduate who has been to the Cooper Center at least twice for face-to-face consultations. 
  • Click on “Create Appointment” when you are done completing all of the fields.

Tutor Matching Service (TMS)

How to Create a TMS Account

  • Go to
  • Click on “Login/Sign up” on the top right.
  • You have the option of logging in using your Facebook or Google account or setting up your own TMS Account. Select “TMS Account” and click on “Sign up for a new account.”
  • Enter your name, NWU email address, and a new password that must be at least 6 characters long, contain a number, an uppercase letter and a special character like !@#$%^&*.
  • Click on “Sign up.”

How to Make a Tutoring Appointment

  • Go to
  • Click on “Login/Sign up” on the top right of the screen.
  • You have the option of logging in using your Facebook, Google, or TMS account. Log in using one of the options.
  • Click on the button at the top right labeled “Find a Tutor.”
  • On the left, enter Nebraska Wesleyan University as the school.
  • At this point, you can either specify the subject area, name of the tutor, and/or availability using the filters on the left; or, you can scroll through each Cooper Tutor profile. Tutoring for all enrolled NWU students is FREE. Prices listed on each of the profiles are for non-NWU students.
  • To find out the availability of a particular tutor, click on the “View Tutor” button on their profile. Scroll to “Availability” and click on “See Calendar.”
  • On the calendar view, click on the date and time you would like to meet with the tutor highlighted in red. Make sure that you are in Central Standard Time (CST) because the default time zone for TMS is Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • To the right, under “Booking Summary,” note the following message:
    * This tutor has been certified by Nebraska Wesleyan University and Cooper Center. When booked by a Nebraska Wesleyan University and Cooper Center student this tutor is free (paid by the University). Nebraska Wesleyan University and Cooper Center students CLICK HERE to verify your email address and change the tutor's rate to free.
  • Select “Click Here.” A pop-up window will appear asking you to provide your NWU email address in the corresponding field. Enter it and click on “Verify Email.” 
  • You will receive a verification code from TMS via email. Enter this code in the required field and submit. Note that the “Booking Summary” should now show that the total amount due is $0.00. 
  • Select or enter the subject and/or course you would like to be tutored in under “Session Information.”
  • In the open fields, let the tutor know what you would specifically like to work on as well as where you would like to meet for your tutoring session. The location must be a public space.
  • Under “Payment Method,” if you verified your NWU email address, then you should see the following message: 
    No payment information required because your email address has been verified and the tutor is certified by Nebraska Wesleyan University and Cooper Center. This tutoring session is paid for by Nebraska Wesleyan University and Cooper Center.
  • Click on “Book Tutor.”
  • You will be sent to a confirmation screen with a receipt and an option to send your tutor a message. TMS will also send you an email confirmation with the details of your upcoming tutoring session.
  • To cancel or reschedule your session, log in to the TMS website, select your profile picture, and click on “My Sessions.”
  • Go to “Actions” and click on “Cancel” or “Reschedule.” Selecting “Cancel” will provide you with a pop-up window and the option to enter a comment to the tutor. Selecting “Reschedule” will send you back to the tutor’s calendar to see their availability.