SERVICE ALERT: Scheduled maintenance on central systems during the Easter Break


CSIT will be conducting extensive maintenance operations on central systems over the Easter Break. Maintenance operations are expected to begin late in the evening on Thursday (4/18) and continue through the morning of Tuesday (4/23).  Please be aware that these operations will impact the availability of several CSIT provided services for the duration of the maintenance work.


Work scheduled include:

  • Updates to the firmware of the NWU network firewall
  • Replacement of two (2) VMware host nodes in the core VMware production cluster
  • Updates to the VMware version running on all core VMware production servers
  • Updates to the firmware on network switches supporting the VMware cluster
  • Upgrades to two Barracuda network load balancers
  • Maintenance on Storage Area Network (SAN) shelves
  • Re-wiring network connections supporting VMware, SAN and network switching


With the exception of a brief (approximately 30 minute) window as the campus firewall appliance restarts for the installation of firmware updates, the campus network (wired and wireless) and Internet connectivity will continue to be available.  Critical infrastructure required to support the network (DNS and DHCP servers, network authentication services, etc.) will continue to operate.  Access to a number of commonly used services hosted off-campus will also continue to be accessible:

  • NWU Office 365: All services through Office 365 will continue to be available.
  • NWU Canvas: Canvas will continue to be available.
  • NWU Digication: Digication will continue to be available.
  • NWU Web page: The main NWU web site ( will continue to be available.


Some major services, however, will NOT be available during our maintenance operations:

  • Ellucian Colleague and associated services will NOT be available.
  • Web Advisor will NOT be available.
  • Password reset and change services through the CSIT web page will NOT be available.
  • File services on Huxley will NOT be available.


Thank you for your patience as we conduct this maintenance,