SECURITY ALERT: Phising scams on the rise


CSIT has noted a significant increase in the number of targeted phishing scams being sent to NWU email addresses.  We are urging all NWU account holders to exercise special caution when handling their incoming email.

While there is a wide variety of phishing scams being circulated at any given moment, we have noted a large number of two particular scams.  Both are phishing scams which target the compromise of account credentials.  One arrives in an email message with the Subject “Invoice” and includes an embedded link to what purports to be an invoice for services and/or goods received.  Another arrives in an email message with the Subject “Wire confirmation,” including a link to what purports to be the confirmation of a electronic banking transaction.

As we approach the end of the semester, we anticipate a continuing barrage of phishing scams.  Some will target compromising NWU and other account credentials, while a smaller but more dangerous group will further direct or indirect financial fraud.  Please, use special care in handling you NWU email during this time of year and take the time necessary to examine all email carefully before deciding whether to respond.