SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam using DropBox as a lure

CSIT has received reports of a new phishing scam which uses Dropbox as a lure.  Dropbox, of course, is one of several the cloud storage and file sharing solutions.

Targets of this particular phishing scam will receive an email message with the Subject line "New Dropbox Message: (1) New Document Pending Your Approval". Though the purported sender may vary, this instance appears to come from "Drop Support" using the address dropslondon [at] . The message claims to notify them of a document waiting for them on Dropbox.  The message includes a link with the label "View File" along text claiming that the document is ready for download.  Recipient who follow the link will be taken to a compromised web site which present a "screen scrap" of the generic Microsoft Office 365 logon page.  (A "screen scrap" is a cloned image of another web site designed to fool browsers into thinking that they are on another site.)

Should you receive a message similar to the one detailed above, please do not follow the embedded link in the message text and, instead, delete it immediately.  If you have received such a message and already followed the link and have entered your NWU credentials on the web page you reached, then you should immediately change the password on your NWU Office 365 account.  If you followed the link but did NOT enter your credentials, then you have NOT compromised your account.

In general, please be cautious regarding following links in any email message, particularly those which come from individuals you do not know and/or offer you access to documents or materials which you were not anticipating.