Massive increases in the number of hacked Yahoo accounts announced

Yahoo has today revealed that the number of accounts hacked in a previously announced security breach is vastly larger than originally reported.  In fact, the security breach which took place in August of 2013 effected every single Yahoo account, as well as Tumblr, Fantasy and Flickr.  The total number of hacked accounts is now being reported at just about 3 billion user accounts.  If you had a Yahoo account in August of 2013, then your account was hacked.

Verizon - which acquired Yahoo's core Internet assets about four months ago - made the announcement to correct earlier reports on the scope of the security breach.  The adjustment was the result of new information and analysis from an outside security firm which Verizon declined to name.  According to the announcement, the hacker compromised names, email addresses and passwords of Yahoo account holders, but not financial information.  Yahoo intends to send email notifications to all of the additional affected accounts.