Equifax data breach larger than initially reported

Equifax - the credit monitoring and rating company - revealed today that the data breach which they first made public in September of 2017 was larger than they initially reported. The incremental increase, however, may seem small in comparison to the size of the original breach.

In September of 2017 Equifax made public a huge date breach which exposed confidential and sensitive information on 145.5 million people, most in the US. The data exposed included names, addresses, Social Security numbers and/or driver's license numbers.  The breach had actually taken place about three months prior to Equifax public announcement and let to a series of Congressional hearings and state investigations. Equifax subsequently revealed that they knew about the security flaw for two months before they actually discovered data breach.

Today, Equifax revealed that data related to an additional 2.4 million people was exposed.  The company explained that these individuals records were not included in their initially announced figures only their driver's license numbers had been compromised.

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