EMAIL SCAM ALERT: "Secret shopper" style scam


Please be aware that CSIT has received several reports of a new email scam being distributed to NWU mailboxes.  The scam appears to originate from a compromised NWU account which has already been blocked, but you may still find the message in your mailbox.

The email purports to be an invitation to work as a “brand assessor” by providing feedback on the gods, services and customer experience at a range of business establishments.  In fact, the offer appears to be nothing more than a variation on a “secret shopper” scam.  The attraction of high rewards (“up to $250 weekly”) for little effort is intended to engage the message recipient.  Once engaged, the aim of the scam is to defraud goods and services by pretending to provide advance reimbursement for directed purchases, which purchases are then transferred to the scammer.  In fact, the reimbursement check fake.

The Subject line of this latest scam message it “Sign Up and Earn Now.” Should you receive such a message, please delete it immediately.