Ellucian Go app for students

The Ellucian Go app is a great way to find Nebraska Wesleyan information relevant to you. The free mobile app has the following features:       

  • Class schedule
  • Important phone numbers
  • Campus map
  • Nebraska Wesleyan news
  • Sports schedule

Getting the App      

  1. Download the Ellucian Go app from Google Play or Apple App Store  
  2. Select Nebraska Wesleyan University from the list of schools   
  3. Sign in with your WebAdvisor username and password to access
  4. Download Ellucian Go Starter Guide for further instruction.

The currently supported versions are as follows: 

  • Apple devices running iOS 10.0 or later. 
  • Android devices running system version 4.3 or later. 
  • Kindle Fire devices, except 2011 model