Apple attempts to prioritize MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard repairs


Apple is attempting to adjust their response to the on-going technical problems with their “butterfly” keyboard designs for the MacBook and MacBook Pro by shifting the focus of keyboard repair from depot to in-store service.

MacRumors is reporting the contents of an internal Apple memo shared with Apple Store employees.  The memo indicates that most MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard repairs should be completed at Apple Stores rather than being send to Apple repair centers off-site.  To accommodate this change, Apple is supposedly sending extra repair parts to their Apple Stores.  The memo encourages the Apple Stores to prioritize keyboard repairs, targeting next-day turnaround.

Problems with the butterfly keyboard surfaced shortly after Apple introduced the new design in 2015/2016 models.  The keyboard is particular susceptible to dirt and dust, causing keys to stick, keystrokes to repeat or fail to respond.  Shifting most repairs to store fronts is probably intended to address customer satisfaction issues as the next-day turnaround for instore repair would be a significant improvement over the 3-5 days required for shipment and return from Apple repair centers.

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