Library Policies


A valid NWU ID or Cochrane-Woods library courtesy card is required to check out library materials. Materials checked out on an NWU ID or courtesy card are the responsibility of the person named on the ID card. NWU ID cardholders should report lost/stolen cards to the Registrar's Office; courtesy card holders should report lost/stolen cards to library staff at the circulation desk.

All library materials must be checked out before leaving the library. You are financially responsible for each item charged on your card.

Current NWU students, staff, and faculty may check out items according to the table below, with the option to renew.

CategoryLoan Period
Books3 weeks (students and staff) or semester (faculty)
Reserve Materialsvaries depending on instructor's request (from 2 hours up to 2 weeks)
Videotape, DVD, CD1 week
AV Equipment1 week

Courtesy Card holders who are designated "Reciprocal" or "Alumnus" borrowers may check out books, videotapes, DVDs, and CDs only.

Courtesy Card holders designated "Community" may check out books only.

Reference materials and periodicals such as magazines, journals, and newspapers do not normally circulate. Materials marked for LIBRARY USE ONLY may not be checked out from the library at any time.


Fines apply to certain materials returned past their due date:

BooksNo fine, except in certain circumstances
Reserve Materials (2-8 hours)$.50 per hour
Reserve Materials (1 day-2 weeks)$1 per day
Videotape, DVD$.50 per day
Music CD$.10 per day


Fine notices are sent to users via email on a regular basis. You are responsible for your own fines. Overdue notices are a courtesy only. You are not exempt from fines should you not receive a notice. Fines and other charges may be paid at the circulation desk any time the library is open.

If A/V equipment is overdue for 3 or more days consecutively, you will be blocked from checking out A/V equipment for the remainder of that semester. Privileges can be returned the following semester.

A special due date will be set at the end of each semester for all library materials to be returned and all overdue fines to be paid. A list of students with overdue library materials or fines will be sent to the Registrar and Business Offices. Library materials must be returned and fines must be paid before permanent records and transcripts are released. Students will not be able to register or validate for the following semester until their records are cleared with the library.

Replacement costs

A replacement fee will be charged for lost/damaged materials. The fee is based on the current price of the material plus a processing fee of $20. If a current price is not available, an estimated cost plus processing fee will be charged.


You may extend the use of most materials by:

  • Visiting the circulation desk in the library
  • Calling the circulation desk at 402.465.2400
  • Emailing library [at]

After renewing, please verify the new due dates and pay any fines that might be owed.

Reserve Materials

Faculty and staff may place books, articles, and other materials on reserve for the use of their students. Reserve materials are kept at the circulation desk for the duration of the semester. You must bring items to be placed on reserve to the circulation desk, and fill out a "Reserve Request Form." All reserves must be picked up at the end of the semester, unless other arrangements are made.

Students may check out reserve materials at the circulation desk. Please know the name of the professor and the course for which you need reserve materials.

Other Services

Borrowing by proxy – a service for NWU faculty and staff

The proxy borrowing service provides faculty members with the option to designate others to retrieve materials from the library, and have those materials charged to the staff or faculty member's library account.

In order to take advantage of this service, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The faculty or staff member is responsible for all materials charged by his or her proxy.
  2. The proxy must have a note from the faculty or staff member stating that charges on the faculty or staff member's library account by the proxy are allowed.

Book Drop

An outside book drop near the front entrance is available for returns when the library is closed. Equipment and other breakable materials should not be returned in the book drop. They must be returned at the circulation desk during library hours.

Food and Drink

Food and drink is allowed in all public areas of the library. Please place trash in provided trash cans. Recycling bins for plastic and aluminum are located on the second and third floors.

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are usually available on the first floor. These beverages are free for library patrons.

Confidentiality of Library Records

Cochrane-Woods Library has a responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of information about any individual's use of the library. Circulation records are not made available to non-library staff members, unless compelled by court order.

This policy is in compliance with the "American Library Association Statement on Professional Ethics" and with Legislative Bill 108, approved by the 88th Nebraska Legislature, 1st Session, 1983.

Questions about this policy should be addressed to Julie Pinnell, University Librarian, at 402.465.2405, or jpinnell [at]

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing

The purpose of the interlibrary loan (ILL) service is to obtain library materials not available in Cochrane-Woods Library.  An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which library material, or photocopies of the material, is made available by one library to another upon request. 


Interlibrary loan is not a right, but a privilege. Any abuse of this service, especially an excessive or consistent pattern of late returns on items, may result in a permanent loss of interlibrary loan borrowing privileges.

Interlibrary loan service is available to all current NWU faculty, staff and students.

Interlibrary loan service is not provided to NWU courtesy card holders.


Cochrane-Woods Library will request materials via ILL which do not violate the provisions set forth in the National Interlibrary Loan Code or the Interlibrary Loan Code for Nebraska. We also strictly adhere to U.S. copyright law.

If items are fragile, rare, or extremely valuable, the lending library may establish conditions under which borrowed material may be used, i.e. in-library use only, no photocopying, no renewals allowed, etc.

The loan period for materials borrowed is determined by the lending institution. In the interest of maintaining good working relationships with these lenders, due dates must be honored. All borrowed items should be returned to the Circulation Desk on or before the due date.

Renewals may be requested, but will be subject to approval of the lending library.

ILL books are renewable within 2 weeks of the due date.

All borrowed items are subject to recall at any time by the lender. Recalled items must be returned within seven (7) days of the recall date. Patrons are notified of recalls via a courtesy email from the ILL staff, but are ultimately responsible for keeping track of the due dates and statuses of materials.

Patron adherence to borrowing regulations is critical for the continued use of that lender’s resources by this university. A borrower’s failure to comply with the conditions of a loan could jeopardize his/her interlibrary loan privileges and/or those of the NWU Library with lending institutions.


Postage, handling fees, and photocopy charges are set by the lending libraries.  Whenever possible, the interlibrary loan staff request ILL materials from non-charging libraries. Rarely will library users encounter fees for borrowing materials through Interlibrary Loan.

However, if free lenders are not available, the cost to borrow an item can range from $10 to $50. The first $10 will be paid by Cochrane-Woods Library. If said fee exceeds $10, library users will be given prior notification via email of any additional fees required to borrow a requested item. These fees will not be charged to the user’s library account without the user’s authorization. If the user agrees, he/she will be responsible for paying the additional fee charged to his/her account and the ILL staff will proceed in filling the request. If the user refuses the charges, the ILL request will be cancelled.

Due to the expense involved in some interlibrary loan requests, patrons are asked to request only those materials necessary for research, retrieve items promptly after being notified of their arrival, and return materials on or before the due date. Excessive failure to pick up requested ILL material may result in a fee of $10 per item.


Patrons with an ILL bill charged to their account will be blocked from using interlibrary loan services until the charges are paid and items returned.

Overdue interlibrary loan items are billable two weeks after their due date. Items not returned during the two weeks grace period will be fined $15.00 per item. If the item is promptly returned, the $15.00 overdue fine will be waived.

Recalled items are billable if not returned within seven (7) days of the recall date. Failure to return a recalled item within the seven day period will result in a non-negotiable fine of $2.00 per day.

Please note: ILL overdue reminders and notifications are sent once a week. An excessive or consistent pattern of late returns on items may result in a permanent loss of interlibrary loan borrowing privileges.


If ILL items are lost or not returned four (4) weeks past the due date, patrons may be charged for the item’s replacement cost plus any applicable processing fee. (Example: $75 replacement cost + $20 processing fee = $95 total charge.) Once a patron’s account is billed for replacement, the book becomes unreturnable and the charges cannot be removed. Patron’s ILL privileges will be blocked until fees are paid in full.

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