Access Policy

Access to the archival collections is monitored because its holdings are unique and in many instances irreplaceable. Conditions or restrictions placed on holdings serve to protect the records from loss or damage and to ensure compliance with depositor agreements and/or University regulations. All users are bound by the same access policies.

  1. Circulation - Original records and other archives materials do not circulate and must be used within the archives study/research areas. In some instances, loans or copies of records may be made for depositors or other archival institutions; the requestor will meet the costs of such loans or copies.
  2. Supervision - All archival materials must be used under the supervision of the staff.
  3. Regulations - The archives may establish regulations needed to protect the institution and its holdings. Such regulations will apply equally to all persons, users, visitors, or staff. Researchers must abide by the terms of access and the regulations governing the use of the archives facilities and collections. The archivist has the right to enforce these regulations and to refuse or revoke access to researchers who refuse or fail to comply with them.
  4. Restrictions - The archivist has the right to refuse or restrict access to all or some archival materials when required to do so by regulation or depositor agreement. Access to materials that invade the privacy of living persons, that are deposited with access conditions, that are unprocessed, or that are in fragile condition may also be restricted. The archivist will make regular reviews of such restrictions and undertake measures such as preservation copying to make records available for use as soon as possible.
  5. Equal Access - The archives provides reference services without favor or prejudice and does not grant privileged or exclusive use of materials unless required to do so by depositor agreement or purchase conditions.
  6. Citations - The archives permits quotation of the text of records within the provisions of the copyright laws. All references to archives materials must carry an approved form of citation properly identifying the records and acknowledging the archives.
  7. Photocopies - Copies of archival material for private study only will be allowed under the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. Copies of records are not to be sold or further reproduced or published without the permission of the archives and of the copyright holder.
  8. Copyright Permission - Researchers must undertake to obtain prior permission from the archives and the owners of copyright in any archival material that he/she wishes to publish or make additional copies for distribution or sale. Permission to publish or distribute is made only for a specific purpose and does not convey or transfer copyright in the original material to the requestor.
  9. Fees - The archives may set fees for the use of services (e.g. custom research, copies of photographs), and for the provision of photocopies.

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