Graduate Science Courses: Summer 2017

The following courses are available for registration and will be presented in an online or hybrid format depending on the course (see notes below). Information for meeting times will be posted as it becomes available. Although designed primarily with high school science teachers in mind, these courses are open to anyone with the following pre-requisites:

  • Chemistry Courses: Bachelor's degree in chemistry, teaching endorsement in chemistry or permission of the instructor.
  • Physics Courses: Bachelor's degree in physics, teaching endorsement in physics or permission of the instructor.

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Please contact mborgman [at] nebrwesleyan.edU (subject: Graduate%20Science%20Courses) (Marian Borgmann Ingwersen) if you have questions.

CHEM 5900: Selected Topics - Introduction to Organic Polymer Chemistry (3 credit hours)
This course will cover thermoplastic and thermoset polymer chemistry reactions with the various types of polymer synthesis reactions being investigated. The properties and applications of both thermoset and thermoplastic polymers will be discussed. Additionally, physical and mechanical test methods specific to the polymer industry (GPC, viscosity/rheology, dynamic mechanical analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, etc) will be examined.
Instructor: Elizabeth Halvorsen
Tuition: $365/credit hour
Schedule: On-line, 17 U1 (5/15/2017 - 6/17/2017)

PHYS 5200: Selected Topics - Energy and the Global Environment (3 credit hours)
A course covering some of the most critical problems facing the world today - those relating to the production, distribution, and use of energy. The student will study the basic scientific concepts of heat, work, electricity and energy as they apply to energy use in the world today.  They will be able to identify the world's major sources of energy, the value and importance placed on them by various societies and the specific problems and benefits of each one.  They will also understand the environmental consequences of the use of energy in the world today and the significance of these effects to various societies.  They will be able to describe the needs of the world as they relate to future energy requirements and to the future of the global environment, identifying potential areas of conflict and they will develop a personal response to the complex issues of energy and environment.
Instructor: Gordon Adams
Tuition: $365/credit hour
Schedule: On-line, 17 U4 (5/8/2017 - 6/30/2017)

PHYS 5200L:  Selected Topics - Energy and the Global Environment Laboratory (1 hour optional lab - meet three Saturdays: 5/20, 6/3 and 6/17)
Instructor: Gordon Adams
Tuition: $365/credit hour

PHYS 5900: Selected Topics - Tectonics and the Rock Cycle (3 credit hours)
The course will introduce students to the rock cycle and the tectonic forces that drive it. Students will be introduced to the three major rock groups, the minerals that compose them and the processes of change they undergo during the rock cycle. The course will have a strong focus on rock identification and how it provides evidence to the physical and chemical processes they underwent. The course will include a practical element allowing students to link ideas which they have learned with rocks found in their own environment.
Instructor: Gordon Adams
Tuition: $365/credit hour
Schedule: On-line, 17 U2 (6/26/2017 - 7/29/2017)

PHYS 5900L:  Selected Topics - Tectonics and the Rock Cycle (1 hour optional lab - must be able to be on campus at times)
Instructor: Gordon Adams
Tuition: $365/credit hour

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