Contact Us

Contact in Lincoln:
Denice Archer, Recruiter
Burt Hall 108
darcher [at]

Contact in Omaha and Iowa:

Annie Fink
Recruiter/Advisor - Business, Organizational Leadership, Social Work, Criminal Justice, MBA, M.Ed., Leadership Institute
402.465.3647 FAX
afink2 [at]

Brenda Ballou
Enrollment Coordinator - Health Science and Nursing
402.827.3555 x227
402.827.3647 FAX
bballou [at]

Andrea Butler
Executive Director, Nebraska Wesleyan University Omaha and Western Iowa
402.827.3647 FAX
abutler [at]

Nebraska Wesleyan University is registered by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. Students may direct questions or complaints to:
Dr. Carolyn Small
Iowa College Student Aid Commission
430 East Grand Avenue, Floor 3
Des Moines, IA  50309
Phone: (515) 725-3400
Phone: (877) 272-4456

Contact: Social Work
Jeff Mohr, MSW, LCSW
Department Chair
402.465.2470 FAX
jmohr [at]

University College
Andrea Butler
Executive Director, University College Enrollment Management and Community Engagement
402.827.3647 FAX
abutler [at]

Denise L. Polson, Administrative Assistant and Graduate Forensic Science Recruiter
Burt Hall, Room 107
dpolson [at]

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Smith-Curtis, Room 207
5000 St. Paul Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68504-2794
financialaid [at]

Lani Swanson, Financial Aid Specialist
lswanson [at]

Registrar's Office
Smith-Curtis, Room 206
registrar [at]

Business Office
Smith-Curtis, Room 202
businessoffice [at]