MBA Courses

General Knowledge Courses 15 hours*
Required Courses for Master of Business Administration (36 hours)
ACCT 5010 Accounting for Decision Making 3 hours
ECON 5030 Managerial Economics 3 hours
BUSAD 5010 The Language of Business* 2 hours
BUSAD 5030 Self-Awareness, Adaptiveness and Authenticity 1 hour
BUSAD 5040 Managerial Finance 3 hours
BUSAD 5110 Marketing Management 3 hours
*Required for students who do not have an undergraduate business degree.
**The MBA director may review your transcripts and work experience and waive specific general knowledge classes on a case-by-case basis.
***If you have not successfully completed a statistics course in your previous college coursework, you will need to complete a statistics course during the first year of the program to fulfill that knowledge area. Please plan to discuss options with the MBA program director.
Required Core Courses 9 hours
BUSAD 5260 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
BUSAD 5330 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility 3 hours
BUSAD 5500 Business Strategy 3 hours


MBA students must complete 12 credit hours
in one of the following five MBA course tracks.
BUSAD 5120 Decision Sciences 3 hours
BUSAD 5220 Risk Management 3 hours
BUSAD 5300 International Business 3 hours
ACCT 5510 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 hours
BUSAD 5250 Leadership 3 hours
BUSAD 5350 Social Entrepreneurship 3 hours
BUSAD 5430 Innovation 3 hours
BUSAD 5450 Executive Leadership 3 hours
Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship  
BUSAD 5350 Social Entrepreneurship 3 hours
BUSAD 5430 Innovation 3 hours
BUSAD 5470 Start-up -- Market Validation and Minimum Viable Product 3 hours
BUSAD 5480 Incubator -- Strategic Planning for Emerging Enterprises 3 hours
*Students selecting this track will also have the option to take BUSAD 5600 Social Enterprise Acceleration Lab in lieu of BUSAD 5500 Business Strategy, the capstone for the MBA program.
Health Care Management*  
BUSAD 5100 Transcultural Health Care 3 hours
BUSAD 5200 Critical Issues in Health Care 3 hours
BUSAD 5400 Health Care Leadership and Management I 3 hours
BUSAD 5410 Economic Policy in the Health Care System 3 hours
BUSAD 5420 Finance and Accounting in the Health Care System 3 hours
*While most MBA program courses meet weekly in the evening, some courses in this track meet weekly during the day.
ACCT 4430/5430 Advanced Accounting* 3 hours
ACCT 4420/5420 Auditing* 3 hours
ACCT 4410/5410 Corporate Income Tax* 3 hours
ACCT 5510 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 hours
ACCT 5550 Seminar in Accounting 3 hours
*These dual credit courses include undergraduate accounting students and are offered only in the traditional semester, daytime, face-to-face format.
Design your own 12 hours
Select 12 credit hours from any of the above MBA course tracks. 12 hours