At Nebraska Wesleyan, scholarships make sure that driven, talented students of all backgrounds get the support they need to succeed. Last year, 76% of NWU students received some form of need-based aid. Your support helps us keep financial aid generous.

If you choose to create your own scholarship, we’ll work with you to design a scholarship according to your wishes. We’ll share the names of the students who receive your scholarship each year and, if you wish, happily facilitate opportunities for you to interact with your scholars.

Endowed scholarships

Endowed funds are gifts that are held in perpetuity. Each year, a portion of the earnings from the fund is paid out to support NWU scholarships, and any additional earnings are reinvested. In this way, endowed funds can provide scholarship support to NWU students well into the future.

  • Create an endowed scholarship
    A gift of $25,000 can create an endowed scholarship in your name or in honor of a loved one. There are a variety of ways you can make your gift.
  • Give to an endowed scholarship
    There are over 200 existing endowed scholarships. You can make a gift of any size to honor a beloved faculty member or classmate.
  • Give to the general scholarship endowment
    Gifts of any size are welcome.

Contact bmccrady [at] (Brenda McCrady) with any questions, or if you would like to establish an endowed scholarship or see a list of existing scholarship funds.

Annual scholarships

Annual scholarships are your way to provide scholarship support for an individual student or students throughout the course of their entire college experience. Every dollar you give goes directly to a current student. A gift of $10,000 ($2,500 a year for four years) or more can create an annual scholarship in your name or in honor of a loved one.

To establish your own annual scholarship, contact jro [at] (Jackie Rezac) Manager of Donor Relations.

Access NWU

Access NWU is a full-tuition scholarship program for Nebraska students who are academically strong but have significant financial need. NWU is the only private college in Nebraska to offer a state-wide, full-tuition program. Access NWU is designed to make the NWU experience possible for high-achieving students across the state who would otherwise not be able to attend.

You can give to Access NWU online, or contact mhawk [at] (Mary Hawk), Director of Development, about opportunities to underwrite a full Access NWU scholarship.

Contact with any questions

Erika Paschold ('08)
Director of the Archway Fund
epaschold [at]

“I want to give today’s students the opportunity to go to the school of their dreams. And to be able to tie my scholarship gifts to particular individuals who were special to me is the icing on the cake!” 

 – Sue Brandt ’79


“We decided to partner with NWU by establishing an annual scholarship to assist deserving students with financial need. We have now seen it in action, and it’s been wonderful to see our scholarship recipients grow and flourish as a result of the NWU experience.”

– Dennis ‘59 and Sharon ‘59 Witt