Giving for Future Possibilities

  • Trevor Linn ('23)
  • Trevor Linn ('23)

“Giving Day and philanthropy are important to me because it is a chance to help ensure that future students are able to have some of the amazing and life-changing experiences that I have had at NWU.” – Trevor Linn (’23)

This year NWU’s 7th annual Giving Day falls on April 20. Giving Day focuses on supporting the strong foundation that NWU provides for every student’s future. On Giving Day the entire NWU community—alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends of the university—comes together to support the Archway Fund. Gifts of all sizes made to the Archway Fund make a difference in the quality of the current NWU experience by supporting scholarships, study abroad opportunities, new technology, small class sizes, academic departments and much more. On Giving Day, booths set up across campus invite faculty and staff to make a gift and invite students to learn about how the Archway Fund supports the NWU experience that is the foundation for all the possibilities their future holds.

Trevor Linn (’23), a History and Religion and Philosophy double major with minors in English and Religious Diversity, has volunteered his time on Giving Day to help his fellow students and anyone on campus understand the importance of the Archway Fund. Trevor first decided to volunteer for Giving Day to support the resources that make his NWU experience possible. “I chose to volunteer because I saw it as a great way to give back to a school that works so hard to help raise the funds that have provided me with so many great experiences and relationships.”

As a Giving Day volunteer, Trevor has learned more about the ways alumni and friends of NWU support current NWU students. He has learned that giving to the Archway Fund is one of the many ways alumni and faculty show their investment in the student experience and “making the classroom experience engaging and challenging.”

Trevor’s choice to attend NWU has been “the most important and monumental step in making me who I am.” He wants potential donors to know that their support on Giving Day makes such a monumental experience possible. “People who are thinking of donating are not just giving money, but giving experiences and opening doors to new opportunities that might allow future students to do something or learn something about themselves that is new or might not have been an option to the student had they not come to a school with such great support.”

On April 20, Trevor once again plans to dedicate his time to volunteering at a Giving Day booth as a way to support the resources that make his education possible. This Giving Day we aim to raise $215,000 in 24 hours for the Archway Fund to continue providing the foundation for success for students like Trevor.

Thank you to all the volunteers, alumni, parents and friends of NWU whose gifts through the Archway Fund support the leaders of tomorrow! Mark your calendar to engage with Giving Day online on April 20. Thank you!

Story by Madison Laake ('23)