Scholarship Support

There’s something wonderfully American about college scholarships. They recognize hard work and determination. They reward intelligence and tear down barriers.

At Nebraska Wesleyan, scholarships make sure that driven, qualified students of all backgrounds get the support they need to succeed. Scholarships expand, strengthen and diversify our student body.

Please consider supporting scholarships at NWU:

  • NWU awards more than $9 million in scholarships annually.
  • Scholarships represent roughly 30% of our expenditures.
  • Eighty-six percent of our students receive academic scholarships.
  • Seventy percent receive need-based aid.
  • Nebraska’s private colleges receive 0.7% of Nebraska’s state and local tax support for higher education while awarding more than 33% of its bachelor’s degrees.

You may contribute to our general scholarship fund or to already established endowed scholarships. Gifts of this type may be of any size. These gifts expand the aid we offer NWU students and are managed within the university endowment.

Donors receive an annual statement of fund activity, as well as information about scholarship recipients.

Contact jro [at] (Jackie Rezac) to learn more about supporting scholarships at NWU.