Residential Education Office

Brandi Sestak
Director of Residential Education
bsestak [at]
Heather Kreutzer
Residential Education Coordinator, Suites and Townhouses
hkreutze [at]
Aaron Morrison
Residential Education Coordinator for Plainsman/Burt Hall Complex, 5240 Madison & 5019 Huntington Apartments
smorriso [at]
Nicholas Peters
Residential Education Intern, Centennial Hall
npeters [at]
Stephanie Pollock
Residential Education Coordinator, Johnson/Pioneer Complex, 5400 Madison, 5448 Madison & 2800 N. 54th St. Apartments, 5204 Madison Theme House
spollock [at]
Lois Schroeder
Administrative Assistant
lrs [at]

Each residential facility is staffed by professional Residential Education Coordinators (RECs) and peer assistants (PAs). They assist residents in becoming more assertive, civil citizen-leaders in their buildings.

Residential Education Coordinators (RECs)

Residential education coordinators are staff members living in the residence halls to ensure safety and create an atmosphere that supports important life skills and academic success.

Peer Assistants (PAs)

Peer assistants are trained students dedicated to giving their peers personal and academic guidance. PAs organize social and educational programming on their floors and in their buildings. They coordinate social activities and enforce community standards, university policies and state laws.

Peer Assistants are selected through a rigorous application and interview process. The group interview allows staff to observe PA candidates’ group communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. The process ensures that the student staff remains qualified to be the support system that residential students need and deserve.