Student Affairs Senate Documents

October 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
10/30/2012 Minutes

Minutes 10-30-2012

File sas_minutes_10.30.12.docx
10/23/2012 Bill

SB-3: At-Large SAS Seat Allocation

PDF icon sb-3_0.pdf
10/23/2012 Minutes

Minutes 10-23-2012

File sas_minutes_10.23.12.docx
10/09/2012 Bill

SB-2: American Red Cross Club

PDF icon sb-2.pdf
10/09/2012 Minutes

Minutes 10-9-2012

File sas_minutes_10.09.12.docx
10/09/2012 Resolution

SR-3: MOSAIC Conference Funding

PDF icon sr-3.pdf
10/02/2012 Minutes

Minutes 10-2-2012

File sas_minutes_10.02.12.docx
September 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
09/25/2012 Minutes

Minutes 9-25-2012

File 9_25_12_minutes.docx
09/25/2012 Resolution

SR-2: Funding for Condom Vending Machines

PDF icon sr-2.pdf
09/18/2012 Minutes

Minutes 9-18-2012

File sas_minutes_09.18.12.docx
09/11/2012 Minutes

Minutes 9-11-2012

File sas_minutes_09.11.12.docx
09/11/2012 Resolution

SR-1: Funding for All-Student Tailgate

PDF icon sr-1.pdf
09/04/2012 Minutes

Minutes 9-4-2012

File sas_minutes_09.04.12.docx
August 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
08/28/2012 Minutes

SAS Constitution

PDF icon sas_constitution.pdf
08/28/2012 Minutes

Budget Handbook

PDF icon sas_budget_handbook.pdf
08/28/2012 Minutes

2012-2013 Budget

PDF icon sas_budget_12-13.pdf
May 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
05/01/2012 Resolution

SR-25: The Pack Start-Up Funding

PDF icon sr-25.pdf
05/01/2012 Minutes

Minutes 5-1-2012

File sas_minutes_05.01.12.docx
05/01/2012 Resolution

SR-21: Off-Campus Living Guide Funding

PDF icon sr-21.pdf
05/01/2012 Resolution

SR-22: NAfME Speaker Funding

PDF icon sr-22.pdf
05/01/2012 Resolution

SR-23: PBL National Trip Funding

PDF icon sr-23.pdf
April 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
04/24/2012 Minutes

Minutes 4-24-2012

File sas_minutes_04.24.12-1.docx
04/24/2012 Resolution

SR-20: CSI/WEB Reimbursement

PDF icon sr-20.pdf
04/17/2012 Minutes

Minutes 4-17-2012

PDF icon sas_minutes_04.17.12.pdf
04/17/2012 Resolution

SR-17: Adam Ace Edutainment Funding

PDF icon sr-17.pdf
04/17/2012 Resolution

SR-18: Live Bank Karaoke Funding

PDF icon sr-18.pdf
04/17/2012 Resolution

SR-19: Diversity Art Project Funding

PDF icon sr-19.pdf
04/10/2012 Minutes

Minutes 4-10-2012

File sas_minutes_04.10.12.docx
04/10/2012 Resolution

SR-16: Ligthen the Burden Conference Funding

PDF icon sr-16.pdf
04/03/2012 Minutes

Minutes 4-3-2012

File sas_minutes_04.03.12.docx
04/03/2012 Bill

Computer Science Club Recognition

PDF icon sb-6.pdf
04/03/2012 Bill

Swim Club Recognition

PDF icon sb-7.pdf
March 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
03/27/2012 Minutes

Minutes 3-27-2012

File sas_minutes_03.27.12.docx
03/27/2012 Resolution


PDF icon sr-15_2012.pdf
03/13/2012 Minutes

Minutes 3-13-2012

PDF icon sas_minutes_03.13.12-1.pdf
03/13/2012 Resolution

CGIU Delegate Funding

PDF icon sr-14.pdf
03/06/2012 Minutes

Minutes 3-6-2012

PDF icon sas_minutes_03.06.12.pdf
February 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
02/28/2012 Minutes

Minutes 2-28-2012

PDF icon sas_minutes_02.28.12-1.pdf
02/21/2012 Minutes

Minutes 2-21-2012

PDF icon sas_02.21.12.pdf
02/14/2012 Resolution

Project C.U.R.E.

PDF icon sr-10_2012.pdf
02/14/2012 Resolution

Art is Life Production Funding

PDF icon sr-11_2012.pdf
02/14/2012 Resolution

Funding for Scholarly Conference on College Sport Research

PDF icon sr-12_2012.pdf
02/14/2012 Minutes

Minutes 2-14-2012

PDF icon sas_minutes_02.14.12.pdf
02/07/2012 Minutes

Minutes 2-7-2012

File sas_minutes_02_07_12.docx
January 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
01/31/2012 Minutes

Minutes 1-31-2012

File sas_minutes_01.31.12.docx
01/31/2012 Bill

SB-4 Allocating a Seat to Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

PDF icon scan7189.pdf
PDF icon scan7190.pdf
01/31/2012 Resolution

Mixed Media Art Club NYC Trip

PDF icon sr-7_2012.pdf
01/31/2012 Resolution

Heim-White Suites Study Area Whiteboards

PDF icon sr-9_2012.pdf
01/24/2012 Minutes

Minutes 1-24-2012

File sas_minutes_1_24_12.docx
December 2011
Date Type Description File(s)
12/06/2011 Minutes

Minutes 12-6-2011

File sas_minutes_12_6_11.docx