Student Affairs Senate Documents

October 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
10/14/2013 Bill

SB-2: Recognition of Pre-Law Club

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10/07/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2013-10-7

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September 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
09/30/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2013-9-30

PDF icon minutes-2013-9-30.pdf
09/23/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2013-9-23

PDF icon minutes-2013-9-23.pdf
09/23/2013 Resolution

SR-1: Resolution to fund Natalie Micale trip to ACP/CMA Conference (Failed)

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09/16/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2013-9-16

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09/09/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2013-9-9

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May 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
05/07/2013 Minutes

Minutes 5-7-2013

File sas_minutes_05.07.13.docx
April 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
04/30/2013 Resolution

SR-24: Environmental Action Budget Request (Failed)

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04/30/2013 Minutes

Minutes 4-30-2013

File sas_04-30-13_minutes.docx
04/23/2013 Resolution

SR-23: Sponsorship of Live Band Karaoke

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04/23/2013 Minutes

Minutes 4-23-2013

File sas_minutes_04_23_13.docx
04/16/2013 Minutes

Minutes 4-16-2013

File sas_minutes_04_16_13.docx
04/16/2013 Resolution

SR-20: Sponsorship of Paul Loeb

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04/16/2013 Resolution

SR-21: Sponsorship of Matt Glowacki

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04/16/2013 Resolution

SR-22: Funding for Earth Day Tree Planting

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04/09/2013 Minutes

Minutes 4-9-2013

File sas_minutes_04.09.13-1.docx
04/09/2013 Resolution

SR-19: Resolution endorsing the Collaborative Endeavor to Improve Instructional Effectiveness proposal (Failed)

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04/02/2013 Minutes

Minutes 4-2-2013

File 4-2-13_minutes.docx
March 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
03/26/2013 Resolution

SR-17: a Resolution endorsing the Archway Curriculum

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03/26/2013 Resolution

SR-18: a Resolution funding travel to the Scholarly Conference on College Sport

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03/26/2013 Minutes

Minutes 3-26-2013

File sas_minutes_03.26.13.docx
03/12/2013 Resolution

SR-16: Resolution to fund CGIU trip

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03/12/2013 Minutes

Minutes 3-12-2013

File sas_minutes_03.12.13.docx
03/05/2013 Bill

SB-6a: A Bill to Amend the Budget Handbook (Failed)

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03/05/2013 Minutes

Minutes 3-5-2013

File sas_minutes_03.05.13.docx
February 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
02/26/2013 Resolution

SR-15: Resolution sponsoring Zach Wahls' Program

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02/26/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2-26-2013

File sas_minutes_02.26.13.docx
02/19/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2-19-2013

File sas_minutes_02.19.13.docx
02/12/2013 Resolution

SR-13: Resolution to fund Art Building FOB System

PDF icon sr-13.pdf
02/12/2013 Resolution

SR-14: Resolution to fund WTC trip to NYC

PDF icon sr-14_0.pdf
02/12/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2-12-2013

File sas_minutes_02.12.13.docx
02/05/2013 Resolution

SR-12: Resolution to fund Panhellenic Travel to AFLV Conference

PDF icon sr-12.pdf
02/05/2013 Minutes

Minutes 2-5-2013

File sas_minutes_02.05.13.docx
January 2013
Date Type Description File(s)
01/29/2013 Minutes

Minutes 1-29-2013

File sas_minutes_01.29.13.docx
December 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
12/11/2012 Minutes

Minutes 12-11-2012

PDF icon sas_minutes_12.11.12.pdf
12/11/2012 Resolution

SR-11: CRU DCC Trip Transportation Funding

PDF icon sr-11.pdf
12/11/2012 Bill

SB-5: Budget Bill FY2013-2014

PDF icon sb-5.pdf
12/04/2012 Minutes

Minutes 12-4-2012

File sas_minutes_12.04.12.docx
12/04/2012 Resolution

SR-10: Resolution to Thank Karri Sanderson

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November 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
11/27/2012 Minutes

Minutes 11-27-2012

File sas_minutes_11.27.12.docx
11/20/2012 Resolution

SR-9: Support of NSSA Reestablishment

PDF icon sr-9.pdf
11/20/2012 Minutes

Minutes 11-20-2012

File sas_minutes_11_20_12.docx
11/13/2012 Minutes

Minutes 11-13-2012

File sas_minutes_11_13_12.docx
11/13/2012 Resolution

SR-6: Reimbursement to Michael Kracke---PACK Radio Station

PDF icon sr-6.pdf
11/13/2012 Resolution

SR-7: Reimbursement for Communication Studies Dept.---PACK Radio Station

PDF icon sr-7.pdf
11/13/2012 Resolution

SR-8: 2012-2013 Budget for Wesleyan Theater Company

PDF icon sr-8.pdf
11/06/2012 Minutes

Minutes 11-6-2012

File sas_minutes_11.06.12.docx
11/06/2012 Resolution

SR-5: 2012-2013 Budget for PACK Radio Station

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October 2012
Date Type Description File(s)
10/30/2012 Minutes

Minutes 10-30-2012

File sas_minutes_10.30.12.docx