First Semester Schedule Questionnaire

Welcome to Nebraska Wesleyan University. Please fill out this questionnaire to aid us in preparing your first semester schedule and submit as soon as possible for priority registration.

After you have submitted this online form, you will receive a confirmation at the email address you provide below. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Admissions Office at NWU as soon as possible. Thank you.

This was in the email from the Admissions Office.

If you do not have an email address, please contact your Admissions Representative.

Academic Interests

Nebraska Wesleyan encourages you to explore a wide range of academic areas before you declare a major. You may, however, already have in mind some general area(s) of academic interest. Please check the statement below that best describes you:

For example: health professions (medicine, nursing, PT, etc.), law, social work, writing, visual/performing arts, business, teaching, counseling, etc.
Modern Languages

Have you taken a Modern Language in high school? Please indicate the language below and how many years you have taken of this language.

If you have taken Spanish, French, or German in high school, we require you to take the Modern Language Assessment to find out which level would be appropriate for you at NWU. (You will still have the option to begin a new language if you prefer.)

Class Schedule

To assist us in creating your class schedule, please check the boxes next to the liberal education area(s) in which you would be most interested in taking courses during your first semester. Please choose a minimum of three areas. (All first-year students will take an Archway Seminar and first-year writing.)

Your specific course will depend upon your ACT Math Score and your academic interest.
Your specific course will depend upon your language interest and the results of your Modern Language Assessment.
Courses involve participation in creative writing, visual arts, or performing arts.
Courses emphasize scientific methods of understanding human behavior.
Courses emphasize scientific methods of understanding the natural world.
Previous College Credit (First-year students only)

If you received a transfer credit analysis from Nebraska Wesleyan, skip this section.

Will you have completed and received college credit for any college-level course work prior to your first semester at NWU? If so, please indicate where you will have earned the credits. Note: Request that an official transcript be sent to NWU.

List specifically the courses you plan to transfer in from Honors Academy (or other dual-enrollment programs), AP exams, or community/four-year college. Please provide the school name(s), course number(s), and course name(s). (Example: Southeast Community College, ENGL 1010, Composition I)
Co-Curricular Activities

At this time, do you plan to be in any of the following co-curricular activities that may affect your class schedule? If yes, please check the appropriate box(es) listed below:

We cannot guarantee a course schedule that accommodates a student’s off-campus job, and we recommend that a student work no more than 15 hours per week when possible. However, advisors will work with students to the degree possible to craft class schedules that align with their other responsibilities.