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Professor James Perry

Assistant Professor of Professional Studies
jperry [at]

Smith-Curtis 140

Monday and Wednesday: 10 to 12
Tues/Thursday: 9:45 to 11:20

230d in Smith-Curtis

(402) 465-2456

James Perry

The key to my teaching philosophy is engagement. Engagement of the learner is critical to understanding and relating to the material, extending the material, and critically examining the material.
Engagement is the intentional invitation to take part in the classroom dialogue. When the learner takes part in the dialogue by speaking, asking questions, or actively listening there is a heightened sense of connection.
Critical thinking and questioning become the primary tools by which the learner becomes engaged in the learning process.

UNL major in Economics
ST. Pius X Seminary major in Philosophy
University of Nebraska College of Law: Juris Doctorate

Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Juvenile Justice
Crime and Delinquency
Education in a Pluralistic Society
Social Problems
Business Communications
Macro Economics


Macro Economics 8 a.m. M/W/F
Bus Com 10 and 11 a.m. M/W/F
Criminal law 3:30 p.m. W
Crime and Delinquency 11:30 a.m. T/Th

Corrections: taken several site visits this past year to gain greater understanding of Nebraska's correctional system (including: State Penitentiary, Lincoln Correctional Center, Women Reformatory in York, Lincoln Jail, Juvenile Prison in Omaha, Juvenile facility in Lincoln and Lancaster Correctional facility).
My class had an on-going book club with inmates at the Lancaster Correctional facility during the fall semester. I am in the process of researching what are the key identifiers to whether an inmate will return to prison after they have been released (i.e. recidivism predictors).
Additionally, I am research day fines and how they have worked in Europe and the applicability to the United States.

Co-founded Lighthouse, highly successful gathering and programming facility for at-risk youth
Co-founded Education for the Next Generation, SCC and Bryan Community
Founded tutoring program at West Lincoln
Founded "Take a Break" at the YWCA, respite care for single mothers