Jerald (Jerry) S. Bricker, Ph.D.

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Jerald (Jerry) S. Bricker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
jbricker [at]

Olin Hall 213

My office hours, along with my daily schedule, are posted on my online calendar.

(402) 465-2446

Dr. Jearld Bricker

Ph.D. in Botany, Arizona State University
M.S. in Botany, Arizona State University
B.S. in Biology, Western Michigan University

Liberal Arts Seminar, General Biology of Plants, Medical Botany, Medical Botany Lab, Plant Taxonomy, Ecology, Tropical Biology of Belize, Principles of Marine Biology, Applied Marine Biology, Senior Research.

The focus of my research is the search (better known as "bioprospecting") for biologically active endophytes (definition: an organism, such as a fungus, that grows within the tissues or cells of another plant). My primary goal is to identify organisms that produce novel compounds that exhibit biological activity, hopefully against human diseases.

Please visit my teaching and research webpage for more information.