Dr. David Whitt

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Dr. David Whitt

Professor of Communication Studies
dfw [at] NebrWesleyan.edu

Smith-Curtis 330C

Fall 2016

MWF 2:00-4:00
TTH 9:00-11:00

(402) 465-2387

Dr. David Whitt

Knowledge is good.
- Emil Faber

B.S. Wayne State College 1989
M.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1991
Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2002

COMM 1250 - Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 2600 - Mass Media
COMM 3200 - Persuasion
COMM 4100 - Communication in the Professions
IDS 1010 - Songs of Ascent: The Music and Meaning of U2

Fall 2016

COMM 3200 - Persuasion 8:20-9:30
IDS 1010 - Songs of Ascent: The Music and Meaning of U2

COMM 4100 - Communication in the Professions 2-3:40

Internship Coordinator

Books on Mythology:

- Whitt, D. & Perlich, J. (2014). Myth in the Modern World: Essays on Intersections with Ideology and Culture. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing.

- Perlich, J. & Whitt, D. (2010). Millennial Mythmaking: Essays on the Power of Science Fiction and
Fantasy Literature, Films, and Games. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing.

- Whitt, D. & Perlich, J. (2008). Sith, Slayers, Stargates and Cyborgs: Modern Mythology in the New
Millennium. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Other Publications:

- Whitt, D. (2013). "Whatever you do, don't blink!": Gothic Horror and the Weeping Angels Trilogy." In
G.Leitch (Ed.). Doctor Who in Time and Space: Essays on Themes, Characters, History and Fandom,
1963-2012. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing.

- Whitt, D. (2013). "I can get college credit for reading Batman? That's a joke right?": Confessions of a
Fanboy Professor Teaching Comic Books. In C.K. Syma & Rr. Weiner (Eds.). Graphic Novels and
Comics in the Classroom: Essays on the Educational Power of Sequential Art. Jefferson, NC:
McFarland Publishing.

- Charney, C. & Whitt, D. (September, 2014). "Music as a medium to engage students." The Scholarly Teacher.

Research Interests: Film, TV, Music & Popular Culture

2015 TEDx Lincoln Speaker "Happiness is Serious Business"

2014 Wayne State College School of Arts & Humanities Outstanding Alumnus Award

2014 NWU Faculty Scholarship Presentation Award

2012 Top Paper Presentation Award Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Conference,
Taichung, Taiwan. From Guthrie to Dylan to Springsteen: Using Music Videos on YouTube to
Teach ESL Students American History and Culture.