Dr. Adrianne Prokupek-Pickett, Ph.D.

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Dr. Adrianne Prokupek-Pickett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
aprokupe [at] NebrWesleyan.edu

Olin Hall 226

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(402) 465-2466

Dr. Adrianne Prokupek-Pickett

2008 Ph.D.
University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Major: Biological Sciences
Area of Specialization: Genetics/Bioinformatics
Minor: Statistics

2002 B.S.
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

Graduate -Level Courses:
ForSci 510 (Research Methods and Statistics)
ForSci 541 (Forensic Biology)
ForSci 542 (Forensic DNA Analysis)

Undergraduate - Level Courses:
Bio1 (Non-majors Biology)
Bio60L (Zoology lab)
Bio160L (Cell Biology Lab)
Bio299 (BioStatistics)

Other Institutions:
BioSci 206 (Genetics) (UNL)
BioSci 101 (Intro. to Biology) (UNL)
BioSci 2050 (Microbiology) (MCC)
BioSci 2050 (Genetics) (MCC)

Recent Publications:

Prokupek, A.P, S. Eyun, L. Ko, E.N Moriyama, L.G. Harshman (2010) Molecular Evolution Analysis of the Seminal Receptacle Genes of Drosophila melanogaster

Prokupek, A.P., S.D. Kachman, I. Ladunga, L. G. Harshman (2009) Patterns of gene expression in the sperm storage organs of Drosophila melanogaster. Insect Molecular Biology 18(4): 465-475

Prokupek, A.P., F. Hoffman, S. Eyun, E.N. Moriyama, M. Zhou, L. G. Harshman (2008) Expressed sequence tag analysis of Drosophila spermatheca genes: Protein identity and function. Evolution 62(11): 2936-2947

Academic Service:
Book Reviewer: What is Life? By Jay Phelan. W.H. Freeman Publishers, 2010
The American Society of Human Genetics Annual DNA Day Essay Contest Judge, 2008 and 2009
National Science Foundation Grant Reviewer, 2009

Teaching awards:
Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students, January 2010
Award given by the UNL Teaching Council and Parents Association