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Bob Reeker

Adjunct Instructor, Art Education
breeker [at]

Lucas Hall (please email or call to set an appointment)

By appointment - call 402.560.2735 or email breeker [at]

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Bob Reeker

Teaching children through art is a powerful way for youngsters to learn. Through creative expression and critical thinking, students can develop and grow. Solving art problems provides for multiple ways to view the world and allows for many different perspectives. Teachers provide the structure and management necessary for young children to learn. Teachers must set the criteria for art problems and leave them open-ended so children have a choice and voice in the creation.

Lincoln Public Schools Elementary Visual Art and Computer Science Specialist, 27 years

Masters in Educational Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bachelors of Arts in Education, Wayne State College


ART/EDUC 1000 - Thursdays, 5:30p-8:15p