Arianna Brandstetter

Arianna Brandstetter

Unix Systems Administrator
Computer Services (csit)
Office location

Smith-Curtis Room 121

Office hours

8am-12pm and 1am-5pm Monday thru Friday

abrandst [at]

I have been in the IT sector for over 20 years. I have had heavy involvement in Linux, UNIX and Perl for those 20 years.  I am very proficient at programming in Perl and Shell scripting.  I also know Powershell and some PHP.  I am very familiar with many Linux/UNIX services like Apache, MySQL, Samba, Bind, Postfix, Dovecot, NFS.  I manage the local Virtualization infrastructure along with the SAN.  Over the last couple years I have become more involved with and implementing some features of our growing Windows infrastructure.  I have also been working on cross-platform scripting and programming between Windows/Linux/Mac using Perl and Powershell over SSH.


Attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a major in Computer Science

Service interests

I have a very deep interest in cross platfrom communication and data transmission of disparate systems and software.

I am also fascinated with the Fibonacci sequence, primes and Pi. 

Professional and community affiliations, certifications and awards

Member of First Plymouth Church
Member of Nebraska Transgender Group
Member of Outlinc
Member of Star City Pride

Past Computer Security Institute Member
Past Solaris Developer Connection Member
Apple Developer Member