Alumni Lend-A-Hand

While we are not hosting alumni service projects during 2016, we are already planning for exciting new community service options for Lend-A-Hand on September 9, 2017. Please contact us at alumni [at] if you have an interest in coordinating a 2017 project with other alumni in your area.

Nebraska Wesleyan first year students have been volunteering their time to Lend-a-Hand to Lincoln for 15+ years. We want to extend that tradition to you as an alum by offering an opportunity to gather with other Nebraska Wesleyan alumni in your area to serve communities where you live!

Lend-a-Hand is a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors with a common mission of addressing the nation’s needs.

Join the national NWU Lend-a-Hand event to become an active, engaged citizen in your community. By donating your time, you can connect with old friends and make new ones! By lending a hand, you have the power to do something to improve the lives of others.

To hold a Lend-a-Hand event in your community:

  1. Find a non-profit organization where you would like to volunteer. Here are some sites to help get you started.
  2. Contact rhadley [at] to request a list of alumni in your area and to provide your information and volunteer site so that we can share it on social media.
  3. Provide rhadley [at] a list of alumni/families that will be volunteering along with their shirt sizes so that we can provide t-shirts for volunteers.
  4. After your event, post pictures to the NWU Alumni Facebook page.
  5. Contact rhadley [at] with a list of everyone who participated.


Contact or visit us

Nebraska Wesleyan University Alumni Office
5000 Saint Paul Avenue
Lincoln, NE 68504
1.800.541.3818 ext. 2123
alumni [at]