Alumni Executive Council

The Alumni Executive Council (AEC) manages the Nebraska Wesleyan University Alumni Association. The AEC consists of Director of Alumni and Special Programs smchugh [at] (Shelley McHugh), elected officers, several decade representatives, the student president of the Wesleyan Alumni Student Association, and the presidents of regional clubs.

AEC members serve two-year terms and are eligible for reappointment for up to three consecutive terms.

AEC member responsibilities include:

  • Attending quarterly meetings
  • Staying informed about the association and University’s mission and programs
  • Contributing actively on at least one Alumni Association committee
  • Serving as an ambassador for Nebraska Wesleyan University in the greater community
  • Helping to set goals and strategies for the AEC and Alumni Association
  • Suggesting possible AEC nominees

Service on the Alumni Executive Council benefits the University, the greater alumni community and AEC members themselves. Contact smchugh [at] (Shelley McHugh) to learn how you can serve.