Criminal Justice Degree

Become a leader in law enforcement, security management, corrections, investigation, or loss prevention. Earn your Bachelor of Science in criminal justice at Nebraska Wesleyan. Classes will be offered in flexible five- and eight-week sessions, one night a week. The criminal justice degree will help you build a foundation of knowledge in the criminal justice system, learn how sociological factors impact crime, and develop skills relevant to crime investigation.


    The objectives of the Criminal Justice bachelor degree are to provide working adult students an overview of the criminal justice system, to introduce skills and procedures relevant to investigation, and to prepare students for careers in law enforcement, security, investigation, corrections and loss prevention. Additionally, you will learn how sociological factors impact crime and criminal dealings.

    Career Opportunities

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the fastest growing careers are in the criminal justice field. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice degree opens up more opportunities for career growth and good pay.

    The Nebraska Wesleyan Criminal Justice program prepares students for a wide range of professional positions or graduate study. Students may complete courses such as:

    • Juvenile Justice
    • Community Policing
    • Crime and Society
    • Corrections and Penology
    • Probation and Parole
    • Gangs and Gang Culture
    • White Collar Crime
    • Cybercrime
    • Terrorism
    • Threat Assessment

    The U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) can help you find out the salary and employment outlook for such criminal justice careers as: Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers, Detectives and Criminal Investigators, Private Detectives and Investigators, Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists.

    Special Aptitudes

    People planning a career in criminal justice should be able to analyze, compare, and interpret facts quickly. In addition, communication skills, critical thinking, listening, nonverbal communication, and problem-solving abilities are valuable assets. Because criminal justice decisions are made on the basis of their statements and services, professionals should have high standards of integrity.

    Degree Requirements

    The program consists of 39 hours of coursework in the Criminal Justice major and nine hours of criminal justice elective coursework.

    General education requirements for graduation from Nebraska Wesleyan University must be fulfilled by all candidates for any baccalaureate degree, including the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

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