Teacher Application and Requirements


To become an adjunct instructor in the Wesleyan Honors Academy program, high school teachers should:

  • Have a master’s degree in the subject area of the courses they propose to offer, or;
  • Have a master’s degree with a minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit in the relevant subject field.

Application Process

The Wesleyan Honors Academy director will work with high school principals and/or central school district curriculum specialists to identify high school courses and teachers for participation in Wesleyan Honors Academy and invite them to apply. Teachers may also request information and an application directly from the Honors Academy director.

Both the teacher and the course must be approved by the Honors Academy. Following is a description of the application and approval process:

Step 1: Teacher Application

  1. Submit the Teacher Application form (PDF) and supporting materials, including official undergraduate and graduate transcripts to the Honors Academy director.
  2. The director will review the teacher application materials for minimal requirements and forward qualified applicants to the appropriate departmental liaison.
  3. Upon approval of the applicant by the appropriate department, the teacher will be asked to submit the Course Application form.

Step 2: Course Application

  1. Submit the completed Course Application form (PDF), describe the course, including scope, organization, teaching style, expectations of students, and the textbook or reading requirements.
  2. Art instructors must send visuals of their and their students’ artwork.
  3. The high school principal or appropriate administrator must send a letter of support.
  4. After reviewing the course application materials, the Honors Academy director will forward them to the appropriate departmental liaison for review and final determination.
  5. The Honors Academy director will notify the teacher and the school administrator in writing whether the teacher is:
    • Approved
    • Provisionally approved (with provisions stated)
    • Not approved at this time (with reasons stated)

Probationary Status for First Year Teachers

Approval to teach in the Wesleyan Honors Academy program is considered probationary for the first year that a teacher participates. After the first year, a teacher will automatically qualify to remain in the program under the following conditions:

  • The teacher has met, or is making significant progress toward meeting any specified provisions.
  • The Honors Academy director and the respective departmental coordinator approve continued participation.


Honors Academy teachers are required to complete the necessary administrative and professional development aspects of the Honors Academy program. If a given instructor fails to do so, they will be considered non-compliant. Listed below are the potential areas in which a teacher may be considered non-compliant:

  1. The instructor fails to attend professional development workshops. Instructors are expected to attend all professional development workshops although rare absences are allowed for special circumstances. If an instructor can't, at times, attend the on-campus workshops, he or she may take part in other professional development activities. These must be reported back to the Honors Academy director.
  2. The instructor fails to provide a course of equivalent content and rigor as those sections offered on-campus and approved by the department.
  3. The instructor does not submit required information/artifacts to the director or department liaisons for assessment and/or syllabus alignment purposes. These requirements vary by department and all instructors are expected to be aware of their responsibilities in this area.
  4. The instructor does not follow-through on arrangements made for site visits from the department liaisons. Site visits should be scheduled when the instructor is actively teaching a course and should allow the liaison to see good interaction with students.
  5. The instructor does not clarify rosters and/or submit grades as required.

Non-compliance will be determined by the director of the Wesleyan Honors Academy with input from the department liaison usually through classroom visits or failure of the instructor to complete the submittal of materials or professional development activities.

If an instructor is found to be non-compliant, the following steps will be taken in order to help the instructor return to compliance:

  1. The director and department liaison will meet and discuss the approach needed for a given set of circumstances.
  2. The director will contact the instructor and meet with him or her to outline the changes that must occur in order for the instructor to return to compliance. The administration at the high school will be notified or the problem.
  3. The instructor will be given time to consider the outlined changes and whether or not he or she wishes to continue in the program.
  4. If the instructor wishes to continue in the Honors Academy program, he or she will be given one academic year to correct problems and will be visited in the classroom at least twice during that year by the liaison and at least once by the director to consider whether progress towards the stated changes is being met. The high school administration is kept appraised of the status of the instructor.
  5. Both the director and the liaison must agree that the instructor has regained compliance. If this occurs, the instructor returns to equal status as other compliant instructors.
  6. If the instructor remains non-compliant after one academic year, he or she is removed from the program and the high school administration notified that the instructor is no longer able to offer courses in the program.

The curriculum fund account will be closed to non-compliant instructors until he or she returns to compliant status.