NWU Scholarships for WHA Students

Exclusive scholarships available to Wesleyan Honors Academy students

When you take NWU Honors Academy courses at your high school, you earn credits that apply to both your high school and college degrees. And as an Honors Academy student, you qualify for exclusive scholarships when you are admitted to Nebraska Wesleyan University.

First, you automatically receive a renewable $1,000 scholarship for each Honors Academy course you take in high school (up to three courses). You are eligible for this WHA scholarship if you attend NWU directly after high school. This scholarship is not available to transfer students.

  • $1,000 scholarship – one Honors Academy course
  • $2,000 scholarship – two Honors Academy courses
  • $3,000 scholarship – three or more Honors Academy courses

Then, you, and all students admitted to NWU, will receive a renewable academic scholarship that begins at $15,000 per year—meaning you will receive at least $60,000 over four years. Your GPA or test scores may qualify you for an even larger academic scholarship.

In addition:

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