Honors Academy Student Benefits

There are many good reasons for enrolling in the NWU Honors Academy.

  • Your course credit will transfer to most colleges and universities that accept transfer credit from Nebraska Wesleyan.
  • You will receive a NWU student ID card so you can access all NWU facilities and activities available to traditional undergraduates, such as the library, student union, fine arts productions, and athletic events.
  • Your course grade will be based on your cumulative classroom effort demonstrated for all assignments throughout the course—without the pressure of having to take the one-time AP exam to demonstrate success.
  • You only will pay for half of the AP exam if you choose to take it. (Note: Taking the AP exam may be advantageous for students applying on a national level to a variety of colleges and universities.)
  • Should you choose to attend NWU, your credit earned through the NWU Honors Academy will fulfill your equivalent NWU course requirement, as well as apply toward your total number of NWU credits required for graduation, including major, minor or general education requirements.
  • You will receive a significant cost saving per credit hour compared with most four-year institution tuition rates.
  • Earning credits toward college graduation may reduce the heavy course loads that most first-year students face—giving you more time to get used to college life and participate in extracurricular activities.
  • You will be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship for each WHA course (up to three courses) taken in high school when you enroll as a student at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Here is more information about WHA scholarships.

ACT Prep Workshops

Nebraska Wesleyan University offers free ACT Prep Workshops to students in Honors Academy classes. Upcoming workshop dates and registration should be clarified with the Honors Academy instructor who is sent a ACT Test Prep information flyer. You may RSVP for an ACT Prep Workshop with the online RSVP form. The workshops are held on NWU campus from 10 a.m. – noon.