Student Access

WHA students are sent an ID card which allows them access to on-campus events such as sports contests and fine arts productions. The ID card can also be used for checking out books in person at the NWU library and all the libraries of the University of Nebraska System. The ID cards are sent when all on-time registrations are complete (second week in October and third week in February). Students receive an ID card only one time.

WHA students are given access to NWU library holdings through a guest pass that they can obtain from their WHA instructor.

After all enrollments are verified and before the course evaluation process, students are asked to create an Office 365 password and will use their Outlook email and that password to complete the IDEA course evaluation. This information is distributed to them via their personal email address that was used in the registration process.

Activate Your NWU Office 365 Account

  1. Go to NWU Office 365
  2. Sign in with your NWU email address as follows: _________ [at]
  3. Enter your Activation Password: __________
  4. You will be asked to update your password. Enter the activation password again and then enter and confirm your new password. Your password must be between 8 and 16 characters long. Do not use common dictionary words, names or sequential numbers (12345). Combine uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation symbols
  5. Set up the "Don't Lose Access to your account" page. Enter your cell phone number (quickest option) or security questions and answers for Office365 to use to recover your account
  6. Set your time zone to "Central Time (US & Canada)"
  7. You are now able to use your Office 365 account. Write down your login and password for safe keeping

In the future, you will login to this account by accessing the NWU website and clicking on "Inside NWU" and then "Office 365".

Please contact your WHA instructor or ahowell [at] (Andrea Howell) if you have questions or problems accessing your account.

IDEA Information for Students

At the end of each Honors Academy course, students are asked to complete a class evaluation through an on-line system called IDEA. For you to be able to access the on-line evaluation form, you need to establish an Office 365 Account with Nebraska Wesleyan. The directions for setting up your account are given above.

Complete the IDEA evaluation at Use your NWU email address and password to sign in.