Schools and Organizations

We love to help schools, churches, and other organizations costume their productions! With an inventory of over 40,000, finding costumes that work is usually easy. Feel free to contact us and inquire about the types and styles of costumes we have or that you need.

How It Works

  1. Our standard procedure for schools (and anyone needing multiple costumes) is to have you send us the measurements and costumes desired for each member of your cast. Just download the character measurement form (PDF) and fill out a form for each character that you would like to costume. Included on the form is an area for specific costume and accessory requests. The more detailed you can be the better—and don’t forget props!
  2. Email, fax, or mail your measurement sheets to our shop at least two weeks before you’d like to pick up your costumes (we can do less than two weeks—there will just be a small rush fee). Note: for 50 or more costumes, we request three weeks and for ten costumes or less we just need one week.
  3. Sometime after we receive the measurement forms, we can schedule a day for pick-up. We’ll have all your costumes waiting for you for that arranged time. Pick-up (as well as the return) will need to be during our open hours, Monday-Friday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Be sure to bring strong arms for transporting large props!
  4. Pick up your costumes on the agreed upon date and time. You’ll also be asked to sign a contract. Any costumes you return before your production will be taken off your bill, minus a small re-stocking fee (10% of the returned items rental price).
  5. Return the costumes on the agreed upon due date, in the same order and condition in which you received them. No need to worry about washing or dry cleaning—we take care of that!

Note: As far as prices, we are pleased to be able to offer schools a discounted price for their rentals. Directors or costumers are welcome to come and browse our inventory to get a feel for the types of costumes we have, however, for you to receive the discounted school prices, we reserve the right to pull the costumes. Those who wish to choose their own costumes may do so using our normal rental prices.