Interdisciplinary Studies

Some majors and minors at NWU don’t fit neatly within a single academic department. Their core courses take you through multiple areas. These are our interdisciplinary programs.

These programs reflect Nebraska Wesleyan’s liberal arts philosophy by weaving together valuable perspectives from a variety of related but independent academic fields. The resulting ability to think about complex issues from a variety of perspectives adds to your creativity and abilities as a problem-solver.

Get amazing results.

In any professional field, your value rests in your versatility. Can you adapt to change? Can you handle complexity? Can you find creative solutions?

Versatility is especially valuable in future leaders and managers—professionals who must wear multiple hats and respond to the varied needs of their customers, their partners and their employees.

That versatility is at the heart of NWU Interdisciplinary Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies faculty

When you choose a major or minor through NWU Interdisciplinary Studies, you’ll work with professors in different academic departments across Nebraska Wesleyan.

Harness the energy, knowledge and support from Nebraska Wesleyan’s entire faculty. Choose an interdisciplinary approach to your Nebraska Wesleyan experience.