Integrative Data Science Degree

NWU’s degree in integrative data science is geared to produce a totally different kind of tech-savvy thinker. We’re building more than computer coding skills. We’re building adaptive professionals who can use technology to address challenges in any number of fields.

Our program pairs with a second major or minor outside the computer sciences. Then we partner with you to find the technological intersections between your chosen fields. Exciting things are possible when you pair data science with other fields like biology, political science, art and design, psychology and business.

Get amazing results.

We developed our integrative data science program in collaboration with the professional community.

“We spoke with many alumni and executives working in the Lincoln tech sector,” said Austin Mohr, the NWU mathematics professor who directs the integrative data science program. “We wanted to know what kinds of skills would make a resume rise to the top in their respective industries.”

Employers want professionals who can work with complex data to solve stubborn problems unique to their industries. What’s valuable for them is that rare person who can translate their technology skills to the unique demands of a particular industry, whether it be chemical research, political science, market analysis, bioinformatics … the list goes on.

“By integrating technology skills into traditional disciplines, we’re equipping our graduates to solve problems that do not fit neatly into a single department,” said Mohr.

It’s a unique approach to practical problem solving, he said, adding, “You will stand out with this degree.”

Integrative data science faculty

As an integrative program, your professors will vary based on the accompanying area of study you choose. You’ll work in close collaboration with the professors best suited to merge powerful technological applications with your larger interests.