Biology Student Awards

The Biology Department annually gives three awards to graduating students.

Dr. C.J. Shirk Memorial Biology Achievement Award

Each year the Biology Department presents the Biology Achievement Award to a senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, has participated in research, and has shown leadership potential through service in the Biology Department.

2016-Adam Braegelman
2015-Rachael Granville
2014-Kate Weskamp
2013-Lindsey Jones

Biology Leadership Award

The Biology Leadership award went to a student who showed outstanding leadership in the activities and functions of the Biology Department.

2016-Megan Holmes and James Matson
2015-Vy Vu
2014-Shelby Travis and Hank Hrdlicka
2013-Josh Aldridge and Kayla Franzluebbers

Shirley Jolliff Memorial Biology Research Award

The Carl and Shirley Jolliff Memorial Biology Research Award goes to graduating senior biology majors in recognition of outstanding quality and effort in pursuit of his or her senior research in biology.

2016-Jackson Kube and James Matson
2015-Melanie Fehringer
2014-Alex Michalak
2013-Andrew Cannon and Shauna Tietz.