Biology Facilities

The Biology Department is housed on the second floor of the Olin Hall of Science. In 2008, major renovations to the botany and zoology teaching labs used by all incoming first year students were also completed. The classrooms on the biology floor were updated with new carpet, desks and chairs. All of the labs and classrooms are “smart classrooms,” equipped with video projectors, computer teaching stations, and internet access.

There is also a new lounge area on the first floor of Olin Hall where students and faculty try out new teaching strategies in a physical space that is different from that of the traditional lab or lecture hall.


Excellent learning demands quality laboratory and research equipment. Olin Hall and an attached greenhouse include the following: high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, vacuum centrifuge, microfuges, ultracentrifuge, 3 thermal cyclers for PCR, DNA sequencing apparatus, spectrophotometers, dark field and phase microscopy with cameras that interface with televisions, physiographs, electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis equipment, Gilson respirometer, environmental growth chambers, herbarium, constant temperature rooms, incubators, Coulter counter, photographic lab, autoclave, freeze-dryer, environmental shaker, laminar flow hoods, analytic balances, vacuum oven and pH meters.