Program Costs

University Tuition and Fees

See University Tuition and Fees for an estimated cost of attendance at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Athletic Training Program Costs

Additional costs specific to the Athletic Training Program include:

  • ATP Nametag: (first year in ATP only): $13
  • Athletic Training Student Association annual fee: $10
  • Background check (first year in ATP only): $27
  • Gas money to drive to off-campus sites: $160
  • ATrack Membership (first year in ATP only): $80
  • NATA Annual Dues: $80
  • Student health insurance (if not under plan): $200
  • Uniforms (first year in ATP only): $165

See also Nebraska Wesleyan University tuition and fees.

Athletic Training students admitted to the program may incur additional costs associated with clinical experiences.  For further information, please contact the ATP Director. 

  • Costs don’t include books and other personal expenses or reflects scholarships and financial aid awards.
  • Health Insurance is waived if covered by another policy
  • Travel expenses to clinical sites are the responsibility of the students.

Scholarship/Grant Opportunities

Nebraska Wesleyan University annually awards academic scholarships to students to assist them with their educational costs. Contact the Financial Aid Office or view their webpage for more information on academic scholarships and financial aid.

In addition, students who are admitted and enrolled in the Athletic Training Program are provided with an Athletic Training Grant. This is available to all ATP students and is awarded annually. The total funding available is $35,000 and the amount issued to each student is dependent upon how many students are currently enrolled in the program (Level III students receive more than a Level I student).

Any other questions about payment policy, or refund policy should be directed the business office(402) 465-2119.