MSN and MSN/MBA Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to attain one of these degrees?
On average, a student can complete the MSN in 24 months (two years part time) and the MSN/MBA in 40 months (three-and-a-half years part time).  

How much will my degree cost?
Tuition for the MSN is $578 per credit hour and the MSN/MBA joint degree program is $569 per credit hour. All students are eligible to receive a scholarship. Please ask us for details.

How often and when do I need to be in class?
MSN classes are fully online, with some expected Zoom sessions. Business courses for the MSN/MBA degree program are held one evening per week from 6-10 p.m. This program also includes online and hybrid courses.

Will I take online or hybrid classes in this program?
The MSN classes are fully online. The MSN/MBA program offers a variety of class formats including online and hybrid courses that give you the advantage of both personal contact with faculty and nursing peers, plus the convenience of some online content.

Where are the MBA classes held?
In Omaha, classes are held at 14010 FNB Parkway, 7th floor. In Lincoln, classes meet on the NWU main campus. 

Who will teach classes? What are their credentials and work experience?
All full time and adjunct nursing faculty are prepared at the MSN level with many at the doctoral level (PhD, EdD, DNP).  NWU Nursing is committed to hiring faculty who have real-world experience to enrich the learning environment.

What happens if I miss a class or need to stop taking classes for a short period of time?
We understand that schedules and priorities can shift from time to time. The key to navigating these changes is to stay in frequent communication with your instructors and advisors. We will do our best to work with you to design and redesign your plan of study to help your education stay on track.

What is the schedule of classes?
You’ll work with your academic advisor to design a plan of study and class schedule. Registration occurs twice a year: 1) for summer and fall and; 2) for spring.

Will I need to purchase textbooks, or can I rent them or use eBooks?
You can rent or purchase textbooks through the Prairie Wolves Book Store on the Lincoln campus and online. Textbooks will be shipped directly to you.

What kind of computer hardware and software do I need?
You may use the NWU computer lab at both Lincoln and Omaha sites and/or purchase and use your own laptop as a personal convenience. All adult nursing students are required to purchase a computer application called Reference Point™ ($40).

How will I learn to use these electronics?
At your new student orientation, the academic advisor will provide training on the different NWU computer platforms, academic policies and program requirements.

How do I contact faculty and/or other students once I start the program?
You can email fellow students through Canvas, an NWU online resource system. Faculty contact information is listed on the course syllabus and in Canvas. Faculty and academic advisors will respond to student inquiries in a timely manner.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with a particular course or instructor?
If you experience issues in a class, we encourage you to communicate directly with your instructor first. If you experience an issue with an instructor, please contact your academic advisor and/or department chair.