MBA Scholarship
Earn up to $2,000 towards your career-changing MBA

You can now earn up to $2,000 in scholarship as a new student enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program or the MSN to MBA Bridge program. The scholarship is based on a 36-per-credit-hour semester and is prorated to how many credit hours you take in a semester. 

There is no separate application process; simply indicate your scholarship interest on the NWU admissions application or contact us for more information.

Students may qualify for the MBA Scholarship based on one of these criteria:

  • NWU Alumni – Graduates of any Nebraska Wesleyan undergraduate program.
  • Diversity in Leadership – Students in an underrepresented population based upon their religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, national or ethnic origin, or other categorizations.
  • Non-profit – Students who can verify current employment at a non-profit organization.
  • Veterans, Government and Public Administration – Students who can verify current employment within the government sector, or who have current or past military service for the United States.

Contact your Admissions Counselor for more details.