Nursing Careers

Nurses with BSNs from accredited institutions enjoy improved job prospects. They carry a broader knowledge of patient care, an increased standard for quality and a stronger business acumen.

Sixty percent of nurses work in hospitals. Nurses with their BSN also work in schools, clinics, government agencies, nursing homes and hospice centers.

Many nurses with their BSN hold leadership and advising roles. They are responsible for:

  • developing nursing care treatment plans
  • treating patients
  • supporting patient families
  • educating patients and the public on health issues
  • supervising and administering nursing
  • assisting surgery
  • conducting lab work

Nurses with their BSN are also well prepared to enter faculty positions or specialize in fields such as pediatrics, geriatrics, forensics, case management or infection prevention.

Your BSN from Nebraska Wesleyan University will give you the confidence and versatility you need to advance your nursing career.