Psychology Department

Psychology integrates biological, social, cultural and environmental perspectives to gain an understanding of the way we as individuals think and behave. Studying psychology provides the student with the opportunity to integrate knowledge from biology and chemistry through the social sciences to the arts and humanities. We study the neuroscience behind our appreciation for the arts, the chemistry of joy, and the language of emotion. We apply our knowledge of learning to improve the education of students and the quality of life for others. We welcome everyone to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The broad umbrella of psychology provides a place for anyone desiring to make evidence-based decisions.

Our mission is to provide student-sensitive, evidenced-based educational experiences that produce psychologically literate individuals who value

  • Curiosity as a way to engage the world
  • Critical thinking as a way to understand the world
  • Compassionate respect as a way to interact with others in the world
  • Conscientiousness as a way to apply psychological methods and principles for the world
  • Contribution as a way to transform the world

The Psychology Department is located on the third floor of the Smith-Curtis Classroom Administration Building.