Integrative Studies

The Integrative Studies Program provides students with the opportunity to design their own major.  This program is a good option for those students who have interests or goals that are not adequately met in an official NWU major or minor, but which can be met by constructing an individualized program from a variety of learning opportunities.

Some have proposed self-designed majors in fields such as: organic farming, pre-optometry studies, and speech pathology. However, students are not limited to just these options.  Students should let their goals, passions and imaginations be their guide in designing and proposing a major program.  The sky’s the limit!

Here are the basic steps for designing your major:

STEP 1: Contact the Integrative Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Justin Skirry at 402.465.2125 or email him at jskirry [at]

STEP 2: In consultation with the program coordinator, decide on a major that suits your goals and passions, and assemble your Integrative Studies Advisory Committee (ISAC).

STEP 3: In consultation with your ISAC, design a program of study that may be constructed from a wide array of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  Prior work at NWU or some other institution may also be applied toward your program.

STEP 4: Your proposed plan of study should then be officially approved by your ISAC and the Executive Committee.

STEP 5: Pursue your dream!

If you have any questions about the Integrative Studies Program, please contact Dr. Justin Skirry at jskirry [at]