Faculty and Staff

Dr. Meghan Winchell
Chair/Associate Professor of History
(402) 465-2437
mwinchel [at] NebrWesleyan.edu
Dr. Kevin Bower
Associate Professor of History and History Education, Director, Master of Education
(402) 465-2461
kbower [at] NebrWesleyan.edu
Dr. Patrick Hayden-Roy
Professor of History
(402) 465-2440
phr [at] NebrWesleyan.edu
Dr. Sandra Mathews-Benham
Professor of History
(402) 465-2442
smathews [at] NebrWesleyan.edu
Steven Wills
Program Director of Global Studies/Assistant Professor of History
(402) 465-2443
swills [at] NebrWesleyan.edu
Stephanie Loos
Administrative Assistant to the Faculty in Old Main
(402) 465-2343
sloos [at] NebrWesleyan.edu
Shari Sorenson
Service Learning and Community Outreach Coordinator
(402) 465-2439
ssorenso [at] NebrWesleyan.edu