History Department

Studying history prepares you for whatever path you might choose. By looking at humanity’s past you will learn how find answers on your own, interpret and evaluate claims, assemble information, and communicate what you’ve learned through writing and speaking. Such skills will make you a life-long learner who can adapt and develop, both professionally and personally.

Our degree in history develops students’ abilities to ask incisive questions about the past, collect relevant information to answer such questions, interpret and critique sources, write effectively and insightfully about the results of their research, and engage others with the results of their learning.

Majors and Minors

History (B.A.,B.S.): Courses are offered in Global, U.S., European, Latin American, and Asian history, with focal points on gender, African American, Native American, East Asian, environmental, cultural, and medical themes.

Courses emphasize engaging students in the hands-on pursuit of history through research, field trips to historic sites, service learning projects, as well as emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge through the study of primary sources. Students have flexibility in choosing courses, as over half the courses they take are elective, allowing them to customize their major.

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Study Abroad

The History Department encourages students to study abroad.  In many instances this study is combined with language learning. It also provides students the opportunity to study history where it happened, and develop a breadth of experience which is essential to effective historical investigation.

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