Gender Studies Department

The Nebraska Wesleyan Gender Studies Program examines gender and sexuality within humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and popular culture in the United States and abroad.

Gender Studies activism strives for a more humane world. Courses explore social and political implications of understanding and analyzing gender; the program envisions individual (psychological) and social change.

Majors and Minors

Gender Studies (B.A.,B.S.): The curriculum approaches the study of gender from multiple perspectives including literature, music, film, global studies, history, psychology, sociology, social work, communication, philosophy, race, and religion.

Field work addresses the problems women and lgbt persons confront in U.S. society such as rape, abuse, poverty, and discrimination.

By applying gender theories to their own lives, students learn, interpret, and evaluate ideas and social realities, using various lenses including gender, ethnicity, race, culture, class, and sexual orientation.

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