English Department

The English Department offers undergraduate courses and programs that develop and enhance student ability to read, and comprehend the complexity of, texts in many genres and from many traditions and to analyze and create their own texts as a means of meeting their academic and career goals.

Goals for Student Learning

  • To write and revise clearly and effectively.
  • To write for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • To create original scholarship that demonstrates effective disciplinary research and reporting
  • To understand the development, structure, and functions of the English language.
  • To demonstrate, through writing and discussion, critical and analytical reading.
  • To understand the forms and traditions of literature in English within its various historical and cultural contexts.
  • To acquire a basic understanding of critical theory (e.g., rhetorical, literary, sociocultural, feminist) and apply that understanding in their interpretation and production of texts.
  • To identify potential career paths.

Majors and Minors

The Nebraska Wesleyan English major is a versatile program that prepares graduates for a wide variety of potential career paths.

English (B.A.): The English major provides students with fundamental skills in literary studies, writing, and the critical analysis of language and then allows students significant flexibility to choose electives that fit their individual professional and academic goals.

Journalism Minor: By completing a journalism minor, students can gain professional skills in news reporting, feature writing, photography, and mass media.

Writing Minor: The writing minor allows students to develop their skills in all kinds of writing: fiction, poetry, news, drama, non-fiction, and professional writing.

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In partnership with students in the Art Department, English students publish the Flintlock, an annual journal of the visual and literary arts.

Students may submit work through the Flintlock online submission manager.

Read the Flintlock online.


The Yip is Nebraska Wesleyan's student newspaper. The Yip is published eight times each semester by and for the students of Nebraska Wesleyan University. The Yip accepts letters and guest columns as well as paid advertising. The newspaper is intended to accurately and fairly inform its readers of items of importance and interest to the Nebraska Wesleyan community.

Yip Online Edition

The Pack

Nebraska Wesleyan has a campus internet-radio station, known as "The Pack". Students can volunteer to host air-shifts featuring music, talk or sports formats that can be heard world-wide through the "Tune In" app. "The Pack" is student-radio by and for the NWU community. More information can be found at www.nwuradio.com.

Careers in English

English majors are well prepared for jobs in marketing, public relations, writing, editing, non-profit administration, teaching, and business. Many of our graduates also pursue professional degrees in law, journalism or teaching.

Visiting Writers Series

Each semester, the English Departments hosts two to four visits from national or international writers. These writers interact with students within and beyond the classroom, expanding the learning opportunities for our creative writers.

Visiting Writers Series