Art Department

The fine arts are an integral part of the liberal arts at Nebraska Wesleyan. Our approach to teaching art bridges the classroom, studio and gallery. Our students learn art’s history, its practice and its presentation across media.

Students of art at NWU combine technical knowledge of craft and media with creative freedom and relentless experimentation. (Before you can break the rules, first you must learn them.)

Whether it’s metalsmithing, printmaking or digital media, our professors equip students with the fundamentals they need, then turn them loose to forge their own direction. Courses in art history ensure that their paths are informed by artists across history.

Our alumni are professional artists, photographers, graphic designers, teachers, curators, architects and muralists. They are also lawyers, psychologists, editors and entrepreneurs.

Whether or not our graduates go on to work in an arts-related field, they bring their aesthetic sense and creativity to everything they do. While many employers may not actively seek art majors, they are looking for creative problem solvers — a synonym for art major.

The Art Department is located in Lucas Hall.